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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So Much

There was an episode of Countdown with Keith Olbermann where he went off with his "Special Comment", naming off congressional members who didn't agree with the public option. I'm going to start off doing the same today, but Albany-style.

Corey "CP Time" Ellis - Mr. Ellis, you've been called the "savior of the third ward" - yet your constituents and others (bad sign there) claim you don't show up to meetings. You, along with Mr. Calsolaro, bring up the corruption of a parking decal system you purport is not fair for the masses, yet you amass 19 of these tickets and yelp for help in that you pay for these tickets? And stop being late to events!

So much for Mr. Ellis.

Anton "Straight Outta Moscow" Konev - you preach change and progressiveness, yet you seem have been an opportunist for an elective office of your own. Granted, it's an applaudable aspiration - but you have to have conviction, sir, before you do that. The conviction, sir, of staying with the party, staying in an area, and building your roots - not, sir, laching onto the tailwinds of Albany for Obama (can someone say 2008?) and making a name for yourself vicariously. Also, and this is what really bother me, Mr. Konev, you claimed originally not to use the mailing list associated with Coalition for Change for your campaign, YET not more than a week later were you doing such a thing. If you were so concerned about making a statement in regards to neutrality - there are others that could have done so. Instead, your name pops up everything anyone I know (I took myself off the list before I could throw up again) recieving mail for events that you so happen to be at, not for Coalition, but for your campaign.

So much for Mr. Konev.

Nathan "Why Oh Why" Lebron - sir, in order to run for office, you have to be savvy, in the know, you know... cool (like West Side Story). There's a thing called electoral fusion and you could have run not only as a Republican, but as a Democrat as well or even Working Families if you really tried. That, sir, denotes you into this category. How about Lebron for Auditor 2013 (sorry Darius)?

So much for Mr. Lebron.

Leif "Please Spell My Name Right" Engstrom - did you learn your lesson? Never, and I mean never, try to associate yourself with change and still accept the nomination of the Independence party (I'm going to get you soon, Ms. McLaughlin). Still a decent dude, but that definitely is concerning to me.

So much for Mr. Engstrom.

Carolyn "That's with a C, not a K" McLaughlin - you've been on the council for 12 years now, majority leader for 4, a name associated with the council for years now and by any account, the presumptive (not withstanding Mr. Conti) candidate for Council President. Yet, for someone who has been involved in politics in Albany for years and knows the game, your campaign is less together than a wet sand castle before the breaker hits. Please, please, do not make your campaign a mandate for having a minority as president. It's disgusting, despicable, and most of all, dishonest in that it should not matter the color of your skin in the way you will develop policy. And actually, when your campaign schedules volunteers, make sure they are used... at all.

So much for Ms. McLaughlin.

So much... for Albany.

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